Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fiji Day 3 Mudd pools

Fiji just keeps on amazing me ! after about 3-4 hours of boring talking about nothing, we got to meet the queens direct re presenter here for Fiji which was really cool! after eating lunch with him we were off to the mud pools. The dirt road which we had to take to get there was shocking, potholes everywhere, old run down houses and not to mention the best corner store ever! the mud pools where pretty snazy. it was just a dam full of loose mudd on the bottom which we covered ourselves in, reminded me a bit like Emu Gully. After washing off all the mud we swam in the natural springs to relax, right before we all got amazing massages!

After a really short fest we were off to the Indo-Fijian night where we had the most amazing indian food and the host were absolutely lovely. I even got to try on some traditional Fijian Dresses.... They had a lovely view from there house of all the mountains and also their dog Rambo loved me haha and he gave human like hugs ! we said our goodbyes and headed off home with our Indian driver blazing Justin Beiber with the bass up full hahaha was another fun day in fiji.

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