Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fiji Day 2 Kava

Was an annoying wake up today my body clock is still 3 hours behind which made it feel like 4am wake up. After breakfast we heading up to the biggest markets in Nadi. Alot of people try to sell u stuff as you walk by but u just have to say no although it can be hard at some times if you want it! Our Fijian guide who is 18 is super duper shy and its hard to get him talk but he seems like a good fella and is a awesome drawer and flogs me in pool! not that its hard... We had to give a presentation of what we thought about the day and some questions which we had to answer, was pretty boring but gave us some helpful info for going to our placements on Monday.

After presentations we were off to a local Fijian village where we got to drink some Kava ( A bit like magic mushrooms ). Its a nasty tasting drink that looks like muddy water !! although i didn't feel any effect from it which is good i think. The Locals looked scary there and didn't say to much nut we very kind. There hole village will get together on most nights and place cards and share a meal most nights! sometimes i wish it was like that on my street back home.

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