Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Fijian Experience

Friday 4th of February 2011

Woke up really early to the sound of roosters and dogs barking which makes it feel like I'm living on a farm again. School started at 8 and I was in the 3-4 class with the headmaster where I got to help them with their maths and English which was awesome fun!! Some smart kids and some not so smart kids which makes it interesting

Since school finishes at 2 on Fridays we headed into levuka and did some grocery shopping with Lei and Ma my host family.

When we returned i played with duby the dog and attempted to play volleyball with Ma haha, then I got asked out by a few of the local girls to come drink kava in their village. I ended up having to dance with alot of the mothers there haha. also talked to some of the local boys and they are going to take me out on there raft next sat to the reefs yew!!

Thursday 3rd of February

What an epic day.. Davids car took a little longer to fix then he thought so we ended up leaving after 9:30 instead of 8:30. I was mention to be getting dropped off first but because it's a small island and were facing the other way, I ended up being the last to be dropped off. We dropped Haley off at her placement, then Floss's and then Maddy's. While driving to my placement on he most remote part of the island we just had to get another flat tire and ther were no tools in the car to change it!! We then waited for nearly an hour while it started to rain, then David went for a walk to get some tools. When we tried to tools we broke them haha, so we just got in the car and drove going about 2km to reach the next house along. After about 40mins we got to the house and managed to change it, and happily drive off to my placement.

On arrival to Visoto village it was nearly time to go home so I had a little bit of time to go say hello to the kids. Ma's class all laughed when they found out I was a boy because of my hair haha. and got a few giggles while walking through the rest of the school.

after saying hello we had a teachers meeting, I didn't really no what was going on but I tried to understand as much as possible which wasn't much. I then had to attend he welcoming ceremony (it has annals but ive forgotten) where the elders all drank kava. While they were drinking kava we got a massive dinner which had some interesting food!

Wednesday 24th of January

If had been quite an interesting day. I travelled into Nadi by
Half and it seems like the girl behind me was checking me out! I then for incited into a shop by a local Fijian and we had a kava ceremony a d he tried to con me into byeing a surf board which 25 dollars!!!! After that he got one one of his good friends to drive me back home In one his mini buses which was very interesting, a few Indians and Fijians in the van but hey did not say a word, they are just very shy around us which us sad. Lime I see other tourists that as In Nandi they just look sly and out of place! Like white people are welcome but they just don't fit In and are the odd ones out which sucks. After the trip back it was a nice swim in the pool and some of the he UK people bought a carton of Fiji Gold which was very yummy! After having a few to many I went and got a feed at he takeaway store next door to he resort and eventually met up with Natalie and holly and another vunteers ne except I can't remeber her name ! :( I'll get to it eventually. After dinner a few of the volunteers went to the club next door, I chose not to didn't look to fun for me. So I jumped on Facebook and chated to a few friends back home.

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