Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fiji Day 1

Wow what a day, definitely the saddest Ive ever been today having to say goodbye to my family, its going to be so difficult being away for so long without their love and support. the flight was fun though scoring a window seat that no one wanted!! but apart from from looking out the window most of the flight it was pretty boring although i got to talk to Natalie and a few other volunteers which was cool. On arrival I stuck with Ben and Maddy they seem like really cool chaps as well and we even got greeted by singing Fijians which was amazing! after going through customs etc. we had a hectic drive back from the resort with an Indian man where we are going our orientations. Fijians just drive all over the place i swear road rules don't aplly!! at the hotel David and Sarah gave us a little talk ( David is scary ) and we got to meet a few of the other volunteers. Shopping afterward was very interesting with heaps of different food and drinks available in funny shaped bottles. After shopping me, Maddy and Floss got a few drinks from the bar and swam in the pool. Although being a sad day it was definitely an adventure!

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