Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Fijian Experience part 3

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Monday 18th of April 

Interesting day, the school ran out of A4 paper right on exam week.. So head teacher asked me to go into town and get some after assembly which was about 9:30. I then waited till 11:00 till transport finally came while old ladies were complimenting on my hair haha. Finally made it to town with a 4wd and the ocean just looked amazing!   The reefs where crystal clear blue and lots of bamboo rafts out fishing. In town I got the A4 paper from the post shop and then up to the royal for some Internet. Then went and bought some bread from johny's and got some bread :)  saw Kumar outside so I though I'd catch his taxi back to school. By the time I got back it was already after lunch time at 1:15, so head teacher let me go have lung so I smacked some bread :) after that went back to the school did a little bit of work in the class.

After school I went into the village and got some iceblocks for some of the teachers back at school which were amazing cause the hot sone had been getting to our heads.

After eating ice blocks I walked down to the reef hoping to go for a swim, but he wind picked up and the clouds started to cover up. So I took some photos of the water and saw the moon rise! Was amazing and I've never seen a moon so big. All of Sudan while I was taking photos it started pouring rain! With no houses for about 2km! I then jumped out in front of a truck, scaring him to death, then got a lift haha. Got back home and realised I'd left my flippers back at the water... Lucky a taxi was in the village dropping people off so I took the taxi back down to the reef thinking he would take me back, but he didn't so I walked the 2km back in the rain.

Wednesday 20th of April

Lai couldn't walk properly today so I took the year 8 class for the day. They were very quiet and was a big difference compared to the younger kids! They seemed scared... Although some are taller then me... But it was a good day at school. After school Leps came over and went up into the jungle and got some Kavika which is a wild fruit there. Layla also came and she got me some fresh water prawns to eat so yummy! But then she threw a rotten BreadFruit at me so I picked up a toad and threw it at her...

Thursday 21st of April

last day at school this term, and was super super busy photocopying for exams, doing a sports photo shoot thing for class 2 and doing stuff in the office at the same time. Was really sad saying goodbye even though even though I got 1 term left. After school I packed up my stuff, sated my goodbyes and waited by the road for transport with a trail of kids following me. I got a van I to town and ate Easter eggs that mum sent me. Thanks mum!!!!

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